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SicFlics – Double Fisted

Time to get some more new and fresh sicflics action going in this new scene here once more. We know what you came here to see and like every week, we have a brand new batch of kinky women getting to show off their generous holes on camera and what they can accommodate inside every single week with a new amateur. Sometimes with recurring babes, but not too often because we like to keep it fresh. Anyway it’s time to check out another babe with a big collection of huge toys and how she likes to put them to good use when pleasing herself too. So let this new and hot scene with the sic flics hottie commence!


As usual, there just had to be some sexy lingerie and the first piece you will probably notice, is the bra with a nice cutout around the breasts (Is it even a bra then?) anyway, the point is that it showed off her all natural round tits nicely and apart from that she was sporting a garter belt with thigh high stockings too. And of course, she looked just amazing. Well, see her bending over and having another pair of helping hands getting to aid her with her show. As she presents her hindquarters you get to watch the huge toy go straight in her ass along with the hand as well. Now that’s a fitting ass if we ever saw one and we hope you’ll like it too!

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