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Extreme Fisting

SicFlics found the perfect babe for this scene. She is a slutty teen ready to do some damage on her tight pussy. She undressed, bent over and started filling her pussy. She shoved her fist in her tight pussy stretching it to the limits. And she went deeper and deeper, destroying her tight hole. You sure don’t wanna miss this insane scene with this crazy slutty babe. Well either way, today you are in for one amazing show and rest assured that this will be one to remember as well.

This crazy chick however has a love for her ass to get stretched. Well what can you say, another day another slutty and crazy lady that’s here to show off her particular special talent for you too. And what a talent it is. Watch the cutie as she gets to lube herself up too in the beggining of the scene and see her taking her time to show off her nude body as well. Then she bends over and you get to see her fuck herself in the ass with her own little hand today. Enjoy it and do check out the past updates for some more new and fresh scenes!


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Sic Flics – Dirty MILF

Sic Flics is back with an insane scene that takes things to the next level. This poor MILF didn’t knew how to react when her man proposed to try  out fisting. She accepted but didn’t knew what to expect. She undressed, layed on the table, spread her legs wide open and got shoved in her pussy his fists. She just couldn’t take the pain and started screaming. Check it out and see one more new mature woman with a passion for pussy stretching pleasure as she gets to have her turn having fun this nice afternoon.


Well guys and gals, the thing is that you just loved our sexy matures so far, so we decided to bring you another such classy woman with a passion like we said, for her nice pussy to get stretched to the limit. And of course, she called in her trusty man fuck toy to help her out as well. Watch her spreading her legs on the table for the cameras too and then see her wet and hairy pussy getting double fist fucked by the lucky guy today. We hope that you loved it and do take your time to drop by here next week as well for another update!

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Group Fisting

SicFlics brought you another slut ready to get her tight pussy stretched. She got an offer that she just couldn’t refuse and before you know it she was in a apartment surrounded by strangers. She got her cloths ripped off, spread her long legs wide open and her wet pussy filled with fists, while getting her tight asshole destroyed. Check them out in this insane scene and wee a nice and hard style group fisting action scene with two superb ladies and their catch of the day in the form of a sexy stud. And you can be sure that he was impressed with them.


How could he not be, when the babes that he got to get it on with for today were the sluttiest babes that he ever got to spend time with. And that was even before the whole fist fucking started too. Anyway, sit back and watch the two babes working together to have fun with this guy and after thoroughly letting him pound their pussies, the two cute ladies get to take turns fist fucking one another’s sweet cunts too. And like we said, you can sure bet that the guy enjoyed the view of the amazing and naughty show this afternoon!

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SicFlics – Crazy MILF

SicFlics is back with another dirty scene. This cock craving MILF was desperate for a some stretching, so she had to take matters in her own hands. She brought her two massive dildos and started playing with them. She shoved one of them in her eager tight pussy, while sucking the other one. Don’t miss this crazy bitch pleasing her wet pussy, see how the scene ended! Since you guys just love seeing lovely ladies play with some incredibly big and hard toys, this should be right up your alley too. So let’s see the lovely mature at play.

This is one crazy and slutty curvy babe that you get to see and be assured that she sure is incredible with her toys too. Let’s get to see her without delay in action as she starts off by showing off that sexy and tight lingerie outfit that she was packing. After that you get to see her take her spot on the couch and once there the fun begins for real. Take your time to see the lady whipping out the nice and big toys that she has and see her using them in turns on her cunt. You can bet that she enjoyed herself and we bet you did too!


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Wine Bottle Stretching

Another SicFlics dirty gallery is here for you guys. Another slut was begging for a pussy stretching and she sure got it. She was at a party and after a few drinks she decided to use that bottle for her needs. She went in a room and asked her friend to help her out. She spread her legs wide open and shoved a large bottle in her wet tight pussy. Check it out and see this nasty and naughty babe trying this nice and big bottle on for size as he new favorite sex toy from now on. One thing’s for sure, and that is that she will surely leave you with a memorable show today.

The babe like we said, had some help in the form of a guy today and you can bet that this stud did everything in his power to help this babe out to get off. Well it’s not that he minded it or anything as at how sexy and sizzling hot this babe was, we’re sure that pretty much anyone would be fine with doing anything that this slutty woman asks anyway. So take your time to see that eager pussy stretched by the huge bottle and enjoy seeing her moan in pleasure as well for this scene. We will return next week with some more new and fresh sicflics galleries for you!


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SicFlics – Slutty Secretary

SicFlics is back with another slutty babe. This time we are dealing with a slutty secretary that was extremely horny. She was having some spare time so she took advantage of it. She grabbed her huge dildo, spread her legs wide open and shoved the monster cock in her wet tight pussy, stretching it to the limits. Check out this hot and naughty gallery and watch the superb babe trying on for size a nice and big dildo. She was more than eager to get to use it on her pussy as well for this scene.

So watch and enjoy this scene as she gets to please herself in front of the cameras and you guys. And rest assured that it will be quite the show to see if you want to watch one more amazing babe use some crazy dildos on her pussy for this scene too. Take the time to see the amazing babe of a secretary moaning loudly as she fucks herself nice and deep with the said toy today. We can promise that you will get to see her in future sicflics updates as well so make sure that you stay tuned to catch them!


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Sicflics – Stretching To The Limits

Another fresh week and time for another new and hot sicflics show for the afternoon. We bet you will just love this one everyone as it has the cutest and sexiest babe ever getting around to shove a nice and big toy in her pussy. She does have quite the collection around, but she does claim that this inflatable black dildo is her favorite one yet! Why? well because she just adores sliding it in her pussy and then pumping it up to get it as big as she can. And only then does she start to slide it in and out. You get to have front row seats to her simply amazing show this afternoon and we bet you will love seeing her in action.

Well she was generous enough to put on her simply amazing and naughty show for you today and you can bet that it’s quite the sight to see with this adorable cutie. So sit back and watch her present her nude amazing body, and then see her bend over to give you a better view of her rear end today. Enjoy watching her slide that toy in her pussy doggie style and then see her do just as she likes getting it bigger and bigger until she reaches her limit. Then you can see her pleasing herself with it for the rest of the scene and she even ends up having a nice orgasm too. Have fun as always and see you soon with another kinky scene!


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Sicflics – Extreme Stretching

Hey there guys and gals and welcome back to some new sicflics scenes. If you are in the mood to see some more extreme and sexy stretching scenes with a very eager pussy and lovely babe today you came to the right place. And we say that because we have one hot and lovely little lady about to get full naughty mode for you as she has her fun for today. Let’s get to see her at play without delay and see her sweet pussy worked hard shall we? We know that you want to enjoy it too!


One thing to take note of, is that this cutie is one adorable and luscious MILF as well and she knows what she loves to do. Well in her amazing scene, you can see this lovely and sexy slut take off her panties for the cameras and the guy and she boasted that she can take a nice and big bottle full of water nice and deep in her cunt. Of course, you get to see her prove this as she lets the guy fuck her with the said bottle this afternoon. Have fun with the gallery and see you next time for some more new content!

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Double Fisting

Well for this new week, sicflics returns with some all new and fresh updates for you guys to enjoy as well once more. For this scene we get to see two lovely ladies at play, one of which is a curvy and kinky mature that just adores kinky and sexy lingerie too. To let’s take our time to see them at play as this is one wild and sexy scene that you get to see. The two ladies are going to be putting on the show of a lifetime and you get to see it and enjoy it all only here everyone. So let the cameras roll and let’s get to see them in action shall we? We know you want to see the action too!

The scene starts off with the mature sporting the red and sexy lingerie outfit as she gets to strap herself in a nice and sexy little swing of sorts. Then her female buddy pulls her panties aside and begins her work on this eager and wet pussy and you can see that she’s quite the expert at it too. Watch closely and see her as she gets to start off slow, just rubbing the babe’s clit and pussy and soon she gets to slide her hands in as the mature was just begging for more. Enjoy this simply amazing and hot double fist fucking that you get to see today everyone. And do make sure to stay tuned for more new scenes soon as well!


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Sicflics – Extreme Fisting

Hey there guys, today you get to see a new sicflics scene and it’s as awesome as always. In this new one we bring you a babe that has a very eager pussy and that always likes to be stretched as well. So let’s take the time to enjoy seeing this lovely babe in some kinky action as she gets to have that nice and eager cunt worked thoroughly today. And you can bet that she made the guy work hard to please her too. It’s one of those scenes that you just have to see for yourself to enjoy it thoroughly so let’s get it on.


This lovely and sexy amateur teen babe, starts off with a strip show too as she wants to show of and parade her sexy nude curves as well. Then she has the guy starting to work her pussy with his fingers as he rubs and finger fucks her too. Well you already know what the babe wants to do, so you can bet that she soon asked him to stuff his hand in. enjoy watching her loving the fist fucking pussy pleasing that she gets this afternoon and have fun with it. We’ll be seeing you guys next week with another new and fresh scene everyone!

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