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Lesbian Fisting

Welcome back as always to more new and superb sicflics as per usual. Well we have quite the neat little surprise for you to check out today as this scene has an all female cast. And by that, we mean just two of them, but that’s more than enough for them to work with and bring you some great times with this one. This sexy lesbian scene here has the two babes getting into some S&M play as well with the babes getting to be as naughty and dirty minded as they want to without anyone interrupting them too. Let’s take our time to see the two of them in some wild action this week and check out a superb scene with two very beautiful ladies.

The sicflics show starts with the two introducing themselves. And after that, it’s straight to the bondage thing. See the first babe getting blindfolded nicely as the other gets to take the leading role for this one. And after that, she also gets to tie up her fuck buddy too with her legs spread open so that she won’t move too much. She plans on continuing the pussy stretching and pleasing until the babe cums and she wants her restrained. Well sit back and enjoy seeing that babe double fist fucking her until she orgasms and after that you also get to see her taking a turn to be pleased in the same manner! Bye bye for now and see you next week!


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