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Insane Ass Stretching

Welcome back everyone, there’s more sicflics for you to enjoy today. and of course, they contain another sweet little amateur babe with a fetish for hole stretching too. You can bet that this lady is also going to be taking her sweet time to play with her ass and of course, she also has some aid with her here as well. Let’s start it off as you get to see this chick and her man getting to do naughty things for you and as usual they involve fisting and hole stretching as well. This is one of those intense fist fucking scenes that you just have to check out without fail, so take your seats for this show and let’s get started without anymore delay today shall we?

As the sic flics cameras roll, you get greeted by the two right from the start of course and first order of business, at least for the hot and horny babe is to show off her sexy body as she strips. There’s been plenty of ladies here that got to parade their bodies first and she seems to fall in that group now as well. Either way, it’s great to see her show off and after that you can see her assume the position. The guy lubes his hand nicely of course and goes right in as she starts to moan. So do enjoy this scene with the lovely woman getting fist fucked in the ass and see her love every second. There will be even more for you to see next week too!


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